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Welcome to Agile World University... and Univercity

Agile World University (AWU) is a non profit organisation which aims to gather people and which links professionnals and enterprises to collaborate at least once per year on some commun projects. AWU aims also to favor the development of Agile communities like AgileAlliance and ScrumAlliance and network like APLN. We want also to favor works on Agile topic by all scientific research laboratories .

For this reason, we have created several projects.


The Best of Agile Tour - June 3rd, 2017 at Danang, Vietnam - A Conference presented by the local AgileTour Organizers

Agile Tour®

Since 2008, Agile Tour is a serie of non-profit events over several cities throughout October and November. In 2010, This event is composed by 44 cities all around the world. The Agile Tour mindset is in action: "If you don't come to Agile, Agile will go to you!" [slogan of 2008]. Since 2009, Agile Tour are becomed the biggest event of world.

Agile Ambassador®

Each year, several people works hard for making to evolve the Software industry. They are probably Agile Ambassadors.

Chaos And Agile In Action

In 2009 and 2010, we organized "Chaos And Agile In Action". Currently, it's a scientific track into Agiletour event about Research and Communication on Agile evolutions.
If you are interesting to organize this event in your country, contact us at